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Our experts create unique Search Engine Optimisation plans using professional techniques and proven SEO strategies to provide results for companies of all sizes and in all industries. In order to reach marketing objectives and produce a favourable return on investment, Compete Digital has perfected the art and science of directing organic traffic and qualified leads to businesses online through over 15 years of experience. Our goal is to be the best SEO agency in Australia that is the number one choice for businesses to improve their business.

Our SEO Services

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SEO Keyword Research & Strategy

The goal of keyword optimisation is to identify, evaluate, and prioritise the best keywords for bringing visitors to your website. This research is an essential part of the SEO strategy since without it, you won’t fully grasp how clients look for terms connected to your goods and services. Our keyword research reveals the search habits of users, their intent to buy or learn more, the possible monthly search traffic volume, and the anticipated work required to appear first in search results.

SEO Content Creation

Content is still king, and we create content that’s based more for the user than the search engine specifically. For websites to appear higher in search engine results, it is most important to align with search engines like Google whose goal is to provide the most relevant and engaging content to the user based on their search query. This usually involves developing text, photos, videos, and other resources like infographics.

Authoritative SEO Link Building

The scope of search engine optimisation extends beyond the content of your website. Google’s algorithms also take into account how other web users view your website. You can prove to Google that your website deserves to move up the results by establishing connections with reputable websites and obtaining links from those websites. We have a dedicated team that continuously builds and analyses the effectiveness of the web links created to make sure they are having a positive effect on your site algorithm and not a negative effect that you might get from less credible link builders.